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Grin Olsson - Screenwriter and Novelist

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by Grin Olsson (GrinOlsson)
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Screenplay Showcase
Screenplay Title Logline Synopsis
President Jefferson The story of President Jefferson's decision, after reading the Qur'an (Koran) to use gunboat diplomacy against the Islamic Barbary Pirates. Synopsis
Screenplay in Progress
The House of Saud The Saudi Arabian Royal family uses governmental friendships to deceptively infiltrate the U.S. Presidency in "treasonable alliances" with the future intent to destroy America within, by having America bring Sunni Islamic refugees into the country an 5th column to expedite mass Islamic population transfers by creating a Middle East war. Synopsis
Screenplay in Progress
Hawaiian Thunder The last British vampire is killed with his remains entombed in locked trunk, which is to be caste out of a British sailing ship and into the ocean depths. The vampire remains are that of the infamous Count Vald Dracula Tepes who abruptly is resurrected on the shores the Hawaiian Islands, when the trunk breaks open as it crashes against the beach rocks. Count Dracula creates a new lair on the cliffs of the Diamond Head crater, when suddenly the ancient Hawaiian Gods challenge his very existence in their domain. Synopsis
Screenplay Complete
The Nights of Nicaragua A hilarious romantic musical comedy about a poverty stricken Nicaragua boy, Freddy Molina whose dream to create a Spanish hard rock Saxophone band comes true when the Catholic Church sponsors him to attend the Performing Arts College under the direction of two American music teachers. Synopsis
Screenplay Complete
GrinOlsson's Other Scripts Please visit GrinOlsson's Screenplays For Sale page to review other available synopsis and completed motion picture scripts. Screenplays For Sale
Matthew Vaughan
Matthew Vaughn, Alex Sandford, and GrinOlsson
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Matthew Vaughan - GrinOlsson - Alex Sanford

Sex, Drugs, and Stu

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