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The Poetic Writings of John Bruce Grinols

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John "The Bruce" Grinols - American Poet, Author, Novelist, Screenwriter, and Freelance Journalist

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John Bruce Grinols

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The Seven Stars

Last Thoughts

The Beauty of a Black Rose

Beautiful Words

Moon Beam

Mountain Woman



The Highlander's Dream


The Night the Angels Cry

The Voice of an Angel

The Poem of Prophesy

About John Bruce Grinols


John Bruce Grinols' family heritage is Scottish-Canadian on his maternal side and Danish-American on his father's side. His mother's family are Scottish Highlanders of the Morrison clan originally from the Isle of Skye.The Bruce writes his books and screenplays under his professional name GrinOlsson (aka: Grin Olsson).

The Bruce's inspiration for using his God given talents to write original poetry in all genre's began at his high school graduation in 1969. He'd received Rudyard Kipling's inspirational poetic writing entitled, "If" as a graduation gift.

He kept Kipling's poem as one of his most treasured gifts in life. He decided that if he were to write poetry, his writings must be equal to or better than Kipling, yet totally original. And from this beginning The Bruce began his quest into being an internationally known poet!

Individually, each of the Bruce's submitted poetic writings achieved national and international fame after being published in books, newspapers, anthologies, and contests where he was presented with numerous American Poetry achievement awards. Some of his poetry such as "Peace, Hope and When" were translated into Spanish and French. Finally, the prestigeous American Amhearst Society accepted his submission, 'The Seven Stars' for publication.

It was during this time, that The Bruce ended his life's adventure to be a famous American poet. Even though hundreds of fan letters from around the world arrived every month, addressed to him personally, wanting to read more of his poetry; were received on his behalf in care of his local village library, he never again has written another poem, after he had decided to pursue writing novels and screenplays. The Bruce was astonished by these unsolicited admirers who were emotionally moved by his poetic inspirations.

Over a Quarter of a Century ago, the Bruce legally left the United States and went into self-exile after suffering severe "due process" deprivations by Alaskan officials; and from that time on, refers to the deep state elitist lawyers as the "monsters from the abyss" who concealed facts from the public in that they were fabricating events to meet their own needs and were subjecting him and his family to psychological torture under threats of family destruction and complaints based upon false premise.

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