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The Poetic Writings of Grin Olsson

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"Grin Olsson" - American Poet, Author, Novelist, and Screenwriter

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Grin Olsson

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The Poetic Writings of Grin Olsson

About Grin Olsson


Grin Olsson has lived in Iceland, Canada, Costa Rica, USA and lives in the Philippines. He graduated from high school and volunteered for the Coast Guard where was honorably discharges after four years of military service.

He began writing when he was 19 while in high school. His first professional publication was a poetic writing entitled "Mountain Woman". From this beginning Grin Olsson has written a a romantic musical comedy - The Nights of Nicaragua; Five science fiction series; Living in Canada he was afforded the true life exclusive story about the capture in Canada of Christophe Rocancourt (aka: the Counterfeit or Fake Rockefeller); Additional books written by Grin Olsson are Volcano Island - And, the Sacred Scrolls; Asgard, the Planet of the Gods; Kraken; Kraken Two; Kraken Three; Hard Rock High; World War III - The Nights the Angel's Cry; Grin Olsson's Fairytales; The Power of the Word called Peace; and many other books and stories including the poetic writings contained in this book.

Grin Olsson has three children, who are two sons and a daughter living with his family in the Philippines.

Grin Olsson has 1 full length motion picture credit as the co-author with EP/Director Jon Luis for a comedy that can be purchased on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=sex%2C+drugs+and+stu&crid=2YC7Q8CLKERV6&sprefix=sex%2C+drugs+and+stu%2Caps%2C374&ref=nb_sb_noss

Grin Olsson is working on a television series in progress: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt21362700/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Matthew Vaughan
Matthew Vaughn, Alex Sandford, and GrinOlsson
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Original Screenplay
Sex, Drugs, and Stu

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