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by Grin Olsson
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Grin Olsson's Links

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Screenplays, Motion Pictures, and Books by Grin Olsson

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Xlibris - WWIII - The Nights the Angels Cry

Xlibris - GrinOlsson's Fairytales

Lulu - Asgard - The Planet of the Gods

Lulu - GrinOlsson's Kraken

Lulu - Asgard - Resurrection of the Gods

Lulu - Asgard - Escape from Asgard

Lulu - Asgard - The Battle of All Battles

Lulu - The Christophe Rocancourt Affair

Lulu - The Nights of Nicaragua

Lulu - The Sword or the Stone

Lulu - The Little People Named, the Gwitchen

Lulu - The Power of the Word Called, Peace

Lulu - El Poder de la Palabra Llamada, Paz

Amazon Kindle - Grin Olsson

Amazon Kindle - GrinOlsson

Barnes and Noble Nook Books - GrinOlsson

Barnes and Noble Books - GrinOlsson

Chapters Indigo Books - GrinOlsson

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